Policies that put Canadians First!

Canadian flag of freedom
Canadian flag of freedom

No CARBON TAX – The Liberal Conservative plan to continue Carbon Tax.  We will eliminate the CARBON Tax, leaving more money for Canadians to cover day to day costs!

CUT PERSONAL TAX: The Liberal Conservative plan is to continue personal tax and small business even with expected High Inflation! We will reduce Personal and Small Business Tax in first term!

BALANCE THE BUDGET: The Liberal NDP alliance spend billions of our tax dollars, exceeding all previous governments with no plan to pay it down.  We will Balance the Budget in the first term in office!

FREE SPEECH – Policies that put Canadians First!

PROTECTING FREE SPEECH: The Liberals want to regulate social media and curtail free speech. We will repeal bill C-10 and any new so called hate speech laws.

IMMIGRATION REFORM: Canada’s immigration rate is unsustainable and 74% are dependents. We will place a moratorium on immigrating until the economy has recovered. We will

STOPPING GLOBALISM: Canada signed various UN treaties and agreements that infringe on our sovereignty.  We will withdraw from the Global Compact on Migrations and the Paris Agreement.

UNITY: Ottawa has intruded upon provincial jurisdictions and divided Canadians into tribes. We will respect the Constitution and treat everyone as Canadian.

END LOCKDOWNS: Lockdowns have suppressed our freedoms and destroyed public finances. We will no bail out provinces that choose to close down their economies

We will Take Action … Policies that put Canadians First!


Chris feels we can ‘DO SOMETHING’ !  Chris encourages all Canadians to ‘DO SOMETHING’, to make a change, to improve individual freedom and choose the People’s Party of Canada!

Chris Webb People's Party of Canada
Common Sense Policies that put Canadian First!

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