We Charity reports issued and it is bad news for Liberals! Back in the News, another round in Canadian politics occurred yesterday. The WE Charity operation, headed by the Kielburger brothers (buddies of the Trudeau family)!

Federal Procurement Ombudsman Alexander Jeglic released the results of his year-long investigation into contracts that WE received from the federal government before the pandemic.

WE Charity – Contracts

We Charity reports issued and it is bad news for Liberals! Contracts given to WE Charity before the youth volunteer project proposed last year that would have been worth more than $43 million to WE and would have cost taxpayers upwards of $900 million have been revealed!

Jeglic found several contracts, none of them large, but with a disturbing pattern of apparent favouritism towards WE.

In a recent tweet, a twist with piggy ask what they think about liberals?

The troubling aspect of all of these minor contracts is that WE Charity and the Kielburgers seemed to have been well-known within the civil service!

They have been recipients of insider treatment for years, contrary to various testimony by government officials. There must be some kin of charges for false or misleading testimony, no?

Before the Canada Student Service Grant was concocted by the Kielburgers, several senior civil servants and at least one Liberal cabinet minister in the early days of the pandemic in the spring of 2020.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is salivating to call an election because he is sure his Liberals will win a majority! Surprise, more dirt on him and his liberals may stick this time!

Canadians need to be reminded that he and his government wanted very much to award a huge, tax-funded contract to a charity he had a long involvement with and that paid his mother and brother very well for public speaking appearances.


Corruption at all levels of government needs to be addressed!

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