Politics Done Differently … PPC is the only party allowing free vote by all candidates!

I am not a politician! I am a business person, and as such I will stand for the people of my riding(electoral district) of Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte! When elected, I will vote for what my constituents needs are!

Chris Webb for Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte
Chris Webb for Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte

COMMON SENSE POLICIES – politics done differently

Common sense policies that put Canadians First, lays out the platform for the People’s Party of Canada!

The People’s Party of Canada provides Traditional conservative mandates have always been focus on Smaller government, lower taxes, equality for all and true freedom!

PPC are against the Liberal new world order! Global activities have their place but PPC offers common sense policies that put Canadians First!


Politics Done Differently … Take a Stand, choose the PPC for our True Conservative approach! Do something … Contact your Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte Riding and support them however you can!

Chris feels we can ‘DO SOMETHING’ !  Chris encourages all Canadians to ‘DO SOMETHING’, to make a change, to improve individual freedom and choose the People’s Party of Canada!

‘IT’S TIME … DO SOMETHING’ check out our Common Sense Policies that put Canadians First and get involved.

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Chris Webb, Candidate for Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte is confident that he can Bring back HOPE and make for a better future for all Canadians!

Connect with Chris Webb by calling 647-921-9322 or emailing [email protected]

Canadian flag of freedom
Canadian flag of freedom