Help Chris promote his common sense policies, help promote PPC values and build a war chest for the next federal election campaign.

Your donation will help Chris deliver Common Sense Polices that Put Canadians First! Be assured, all monies raised will be used to cover future election campaign costs, perhaps paying for a local newspaper advertisement, some lawn signs, or even postage. Any funds left over must by law be donated to back to the Electoral district association.

You can now donate directly with this link below. All amounts accepted, and a generous tax credit receipt will be issued. Every dollar counts, $30, $50 $100, $500, $1000 helps! Maximum donation per year is $1650 to candidate and $1650 to PPC HQ. No corporate donations allowed. Thank you for your donation.

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Click the donation button, fill in amount to donate and credit card, and submit with email. Office will contact you for address details for the tax receipt.

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Chris Webb, is the Federal Candidate for Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte for the People’s Party of Canada! See Intro

Thanks, in advance for your campaign donation to the future election, and you will receive an official tax donation receipt.

Donations are gratefully accepted! Deliver some HOPE today!

Help a Patriotic Canadian create HOPE not HYPE!

HOPE for the everyday Canadian Citizen, HOPE for our Canadian Small Business owner/entrepreneur, HOPE for Innovation! The new VOICE of the People!

Volunteers are needed! Please contact

Chris Webb at [email protected]