No Carbon Tax with PPC.

Carbon taxes raise costs, raises gasoline price, raises diesel prices, raises cost of natural gas for heating to your home, extra costs for propane for your barbecue, extra costs for you! Did you get a 22% raise in pay?

As well, all those trucks that deliver goods, costs of electricity as all support activities rely on trucks running on fuel.

Climate Change Alarmism and lack of thought with regards to essential services, carbon taxation is prohibitively bad!

That’s referred to as #infationtax

Implemented by liberal and endorsed conservative governments in Canada will make us all pay dearly! Scheduled to increase by another 33 cents per litre on top of the current 4.5 cents.

NO Carbon Taxes with PPC!

Maybe this will be my last gas powered car? Electric Cars in Canada has been dictated by 2035!

The end results of this push for electric cars is as follows:

1. Higher taxes, to pay for car buying incentives.

2. No improvement, or worsening environmental conditions.

3. Subsidizing the “huber rich”, for their need to buy an expensive electric car, to feel better about themselves.

4. Disadvantage the average person, who will not be able to afford reliable transportation.

5. Elimination of many good jobs and companies (combustion engine car mechanics, gas stations, etc.).

6. Future brown outs of electrical power to homes and businesses, due to the heightened demand for electric cars.

7. More wear and tear of roads and bridges (higher taxes).

8. Limitation on long road trips.

9. Enriching China (CCP).

10. Destruction of our energy independence.

Just say no to electric cars!

My Last gas car?

Had to replace my aging midsize Gas powered SUV with a new flexible capacity vehicle something that could go from Barrie to Windsor, without a layover … yes a Gas powered SUV! This may be my last vehicle as fuels costs might force me to opt for a bike, if the Liberals continue to tax us on everything!

Gas powered SUV

With huge Carbon taxes … increase cost in 5 years of about $1100 extra tax per year in costs … This could be my next wheels! Not so much fun in winter! Hard to commute to Toronto from Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte, even worse getting to Windsor!

Bicycle frozen in the Canadian Winter

Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte BSOM residents are in part commuters to work and pleasure! Driving your car will cost dearly with carbon taxes on top of the federal excise tax, provincial road taxes and Harmonized standard taxes. Cost of taxes on gasoline is like 40% with more carbon tax being added!

As well, take a look at your natural gas bill … another big Carbon Tax add on! Keep thinking … Residents of Barrie Springwater and Oro-medonte pay more carbon taxes, taxes on heating fuel, taxes on natural gas, taxes on propane (barbecue) and taxes hidden in every transaction including delivery and trucking fees! The tax costs get passed on to the consumer … that’s you!

No Carbon Taxes with PPC

No Carbon Taxes … Carbon taxes are causing inflation, some call it #inflationtax! Inflation eats into your spending, causing you to pay more for gas, for food, for supplies, for everything, making your dollars disappear before the end of the month!

Politicians are lying to taxpayers.

Before the last federal election, the Trudeau government told voters it had “no intention” of raising its carbon tax beyond $50 per tonne. In the midst of COVID-19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised not to raise taxes or costs.

A few months later, Trudeau then blindsided taxpayers and announced that he would hike the carbon tax to $170 per tonne by 2030 and layer on a second carbon tax through fuel regulations.

Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole also misled Canadians. When he was running for party leader, he signed the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s pledge to fight carbon taxes. The pledge was unequivocal:

“I will: Immediately repeal the Trudeau carbon tax; and, reject any future national carbon tax or cap-and-trade scheme.”

Less than a year after signing the pledge, O’Toole announced he would introduce a carbon tax of his own.

Why are party leaders hiding their true intentions from Canadians?

Maybe it’s because politicians know voters would give their carbon tax plans a failing grade?

More than half of Canadians don’t support plans to raise carbon taxes every year for the next nine years, according to a Leger poll commissioned by The same poll showed that more than two thirds of Canadians oppose paying $20 in carbon taxes to fill up their car.

With the high taxes Canadians are already paying for fuel, there’s no wonder they don’t want politicians driving up the price of gas even higher.

No Carbon Taxes with PPC

Taxes already account for between 31 and 42 per cent of the price at the gas pumps when you factor in all the different provincial and federal gas and sales taxes, a potential transit tax and the carbon tax. In Montreal, drivers are hit with six different taxes when they fuel up.

The average total tax bill for each litre of gas in Canada is about 45 cents. That means a family is already being soaked for nearly $35 in taxes every time they fuel up their minivan. That’s equivalent to more than a $200 per tonne carbon tax, even before Trudeau and O’Toole hike the federal carbon tax any higher.

Despite lighter wallets, emissions continue to go up.

Say No to carbon tax! Vote to cancel carbon taxes! Vote PPC!


GLOBAL WARMING & ENVIRONMENT, REJECTING ALARMISM AND FOCUSING ON CONCRETE IMPROVEMENTS! Do something … Contact your members for federal parliament and demand they stop this Carbon Taxation of all our activities and lives! Heating is an essential need, so is driving vehicle to get to work! STOP the Carbon TAX!

Demand REJECTION of ALARMISM AND FOCUSING ON CONCRETE IMPROVEMENTS – (see Common Sense Policies that put Canadians First!)

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