Firearms – Target Criminals not legal gun owners! Criminals with guns strike again.

Target Criminals
Target Criminals

Firearms Target the Criminals

Recently in Etobicoke, 3 children injured by criminal gunshots, one 22 year as well. The 22 year old who was shot, got arrested and charged with various gun offences.

As well in MISSISSAUGA 1 killed a 4 others injury by criminals with illegal guns.

And in, Ottawa reports more gun fire and another killed.

In 2019 there were a total of 485 shootings in Toronto, with 238 people injured and 42 people dead. 2021 already has had 164 with 16 deaths. See Toronto stats by police

The seen keeps repeating and the LibConNDP government actions do little to stem the violence and firearm abuse by Criminals. Instead they focus on legal gun owners.

legal gun owners
legal gun owners

Stop the attack on legal gun owners, Target the criminals!


STOP attacking Legal gun Owners ! Demand MP’s target the Criminals! Do something … Contact your members for federal parliament and demand they stop this intrusion into our lives!

Demand Action of Firearms (see Firearms PPC policy FireArms – Targeting Criminals not legal gun owners!)

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