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Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is under attack by Liberal Government of Canada and Bill C-10.

Chris Webb on freedom

Bill C-10, An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts.

The only section that offered some protection for individuals and the attention of CRTC was recently removed.

social media
social media controlled by CRTC

Supposedly designed to force online services such as Netflix to contribute to Canadian content creation it also targets individuals.

Bill C-10, currently before the House of Commons, would give the government the power to regulate any social media content.

Your video ranting on Twitter, dancing on TikTok, or pontificating on Facebook would be treated as a radio or television broadcaster.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association, says the bill raises the prospect of the federal government “dipping into regulating the way Canadians express themselves online.” 


STOP bill c-10 ! Do something … Contact your members for federal parliament and demand they stop this intrusion into our lives!

Demand Freedom of Expression (see Common Sense Policies that put Canadians First!)

Chris Webb People's Party of Canada
Common Sense Policies that put Canadian First!

Chris feels we can ‘DO SOMETHING’ !  Chris encourages all Canadians to ‘DO SOMETHING’, to make a change, to improve individual freedom and choose the People’s Party of Canada!

‘IT’S TIME … DO SOMETHING’ check out our Common Sense Policies that put Canadians First and get involved.

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Canadian flag of freedom
Canadian flag of freedom

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